What's in the course?


  • Introduction

    What are the types of marijuana and how do you choose what you start growing. In several modules we teach you about different strains, equipment and how marijuana grows.

  • Seed to bud

    Step-by-step we’ll guide you in the growing process. Germinating, seedling, flowering and your harvest will be expained, so you know everything about the process.

  • Grow skills

    Once you know all the basics we take it up a notch. In several chapters you will learn everything you need to know to become a growing expert.

  • Climate

    In this narrowed down module you’ll learn about light, temperature, humity and more what is essential for healty plants.

  • Plant care

    Even the best grown plants can get ruined. In this module about plant care we will describe certain issues that occur and how you can fix these problems.

  • Watering

    Life isn’t possible without water. With marijuanaplants you need to work a bit more precise. We’ll help you with the do’s and don’ts.

  • Cheat sheets

    The perfect visual aid with the basics, process of growing and harvesting.

  • Outdoor

    Growing outdoors could be of higher risk, that’s why you should know what you are doing. This chapter will give you inexpensive ways to grow your plants.

  • Bubble buckets

    Bubble buckets are a very fun way to get acquainted with growing marijuana on a hydroculture. In bubble buckets, the roots of your plants are placed deeply in the water, instead of in the soil or in rockwool.

  • Master classes

    In this chapter we will teach you to increase your yield. After you finished this you can save money while you get a better result.

From Seed to Flower

I will guide you through your complete grow cycle. From germinating your seeds, caring for your seedlings, bringing them to flower to harvesting your very own perfectly smelling stash of Dried Buds.


how to grow marijuana

All these steps and more can be found in the Bergman's Lab modules

how to grow marijuana

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  • Pete - Dallas, Texas
    First off the course is very well laid out and very informative. The topics are clear and easy to follow. The pictures are a huge help. I have some feminized white widow auto in my grow box right now under a DWC style. I will let you know how they turn out. You my friend are the real deal.
    Pete - Dallas, Texas

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Plant biology

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Bonus eBook: Weed Brownie Recipe Guide

Who is mr Bergman?

My name is Robert Bergman, founder of the I Love Growing Marijuana platform and author of the Marijuana Grow Bible.

For the past 20 years I have been growing marijuana in and around Amsterdam. Starting out in small home-based setups with just 5 plants, moving on to industrial sized indoor plantations.

Those days of large scale growing are behind me. Now I am on a mission to share my knowledge about growing weed. In two decades of growing I have tackled about every problem there is. From plant care, to security, from obtaining quality seeds, to harvesting and selling. Now the time has come to share.

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how to harvest marijuana

  • Mike - Los Angeles, California
    Hey Robert, so far so good! I will say that your course has taught me more in one night than the thousands of dollars in publications. I have it all from Ed Rosenthal to George Cervantes. When I was finished reading all these books I said to my friend there is something missing, it seems that you had to look between the lines with others. I am in the middle of a grow right now and am hoping I can salvage some of it with this new info. I am glad to have your course now and I hope to finally do this right!
    Mike - Los Angeles, California

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